Finding the right influencer marketing partnerships is truly an art form. Contact us today to optimize and manage your influencer marketing outreach!

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses key leaders to drive your brand message to a larger audience. It involves brands collaborating with online influencers to market their products and services.

At Taskraft Media, we maintain excellent relationships with influencers in all businesses. We make it a point to provide you with personalized solutions and match the right influencer to your brand or product.

  • Celebrities
  • Bloggers
  • Micro & Macro Influencers
  • Youtubers
  • Social Media Influencer

What can you expect from
running Influencer Marketing Campaign

Instagram Influencer

Instagram Influencer

Leverage Engaging Instagram Content Formats

Trending Reels,
Bespoke Content,
UGC Images & Videos,
Product Reviews At Scale,
Contests & Giveaways,

YouTube Influencer Marketing

YouTube Influencer Marketing

Improve Conversions With YouTube Influencer Marketing

Unboxing Videos, Dedicated Videos, Integrated Videos, YouTube Shorts, Vlogs & Vines, Product Explainer.

Celebrity Influencer Marketing

Scale With Celebrity Influencer Marketing

  • High Reach & Trust
  • 2x Engagements & Conversions
  • Brand Personality-Based Celeb Selection, Reach A Broad Consumer Segment, Leverage Trust & Personality,Increase Product Discovery