Influencer Marketing Agency Mumbai

Marketing  at Scale

Run campaigns with up to 3k+ influencers at once. Prices as low as Rs. 200 per influencer




100 Collaborations

Best Influencers

No Garbage

Taskraft manually vets & rates each influencer

Comprehensive Datause 30+ metrics like age, kids, profession, city, engagement, etc.

Insider Informationuse data from 100+ collabs done by Taskraft to find winners.

With Taskraft you can

Get Recognized on Social Media

It’s not always about the money. With Taskraft, you can also opt to get privileged access to events, experiences, freebies & associations that take you closer to stardom.

Earn Real Money

As Influencers, you set your fee and earn money for you love doing – filming videos, sharing inspirational photos & experiences, crafting tweets or stories, or simply just being yourself.


Maximize on earnings through a constant flow of opportunities that fit your personal brand & audience interest. All this helps you boost more quality content to your audiences.


Taskraft is FREE to join and there are no contracts, no gimmicks, and you NEVER give up rights to your social media accounts! Also, you choose the brands based on your own values and interests. You stay in control, you decide what you want to work on, or not.

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest topics today in the digital marketing world. Its immense reach and ability to influence the masses have made it imperative for brands/businesses to employ the right mix of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing not just allows one to reach their target audience but can also play a major role in maintaining strong relationships with them.

However, what rules the efficacy of an influencer marketing initiative is its execution and a strategic plan. It is essential that influencer marketing is well-thought, crisp, and researched to provide optimum benefit to the business.